January 30th, 2020

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If you need to contact me about the proanorexia communities leave a comment here or send me a message with any

If you send me a message or leave a comment here please make sure that your privacy settings allow me to respond to you.  Sometimes I will reply to comments here by sending a message, so please make sure your privacy settings allow me to do that (look here:
http://justtryingtofly.livejournal.com/15320.html for instructions regarding privacy settings).

Also, if your question is about membership to the community:

Applications to proanorexia are currently closed.  Applications recieved prior to membership closing are currently being processed and we are accepting new members.

UPDATE 3/23/09
This community has instant membership so you can join and post immediately.


1.  http://www.ace55.com/create.bml *** Create an Ace55 account here by starting a journal.

2. http://www.ace55.com/register.bml *** Validate your email if you didn't get one after creating your account (software bug).

3. http://www.ace55.com/community/proanorexia/profile Hit the "join" button in the upper right hand corner of this page.

4. http://www.ace55.com/community/proanorexia/ *** Then go here to read, make a post or comment.

Go here: http://www.ace55.com/login.bml to log in.