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If you need to contact me about the proanorexia communities leave a comment here or send me a message with any

If you send me a message or leave a comment here please make sure that your privacy settings allow me to respond to you.  Sometimes I will reply to comments here by sending a message, so please make sure your privacy settings allow me to do that (look here: for instructions regarding privacy settings).

Also, if your question is about membership to the community:

Applications to proanorexia are currently closed.  Applications recieved prior to membership closing are currently being processed and we are accepting new members.

UPDATE 3/23/09
This community has instant membership so you can join and post immediately.


1. *** Create an Ace55 account here by starting a journal.

2. *** Validate your email if you didn't get one after creating your account (software bug).

3. Hit the "join" button in the upper right hand corner of this page.

4. *** Then go here to read, make a post or comment.

Go here: to log in.

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Deleted comment

Thank you, they are both troll accounts. We will take care of it.
Hey sorry i know that membership is now closed, but i was wondering if i could possibly join anyway? Its because both mustxnotxeat and proswimmer want me to join, and i would love to!! It seems such a lovely community with so much support (which i could really do with right now). Please?
Love xxxx
We are journalism students at Northwestern University and we are studying the ways in which online groups allow people to interact with one another. Our project will not be published and is only for class purposes. We are hoping to study the nuances of your site, looking at behavior and methods of communication. We chose your site because we are all girls in college who deal with and see people struggle with diets and eating habits on a daily basis. Your website is extremely interesting to us in that it speaks to a large community of girls that also struggle with eating habits. We were hoping to ask you some questions about your site. Our project deadline is May 1st, so we were hoping to talk to you between now and then. You can either contact us directly or if you would prefer to email us a time that we could call you that would be great as well. We are sending this message to all three administrators and we would really appreciate help from any of you. We look forward to hearing from you!
Lianna Trubowitz (646)-345-3893
Kirsten Smith (425)-223-0565
Wesley Sutton (940)-781-6514
How's Dylan?
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